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November 5, 2016


Department of Sociology
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742





1958 – Graduated from Bronx High School of Science
1962 – B.A., City College of New York
1964 – M.B.A., University of Michigan
1968 – Ph.D., Cornell University

Academic Employment

2001- present- Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland
2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008- Visiting Professor, Associazione per l’Istituzione della Libera Università Nuorese, Sardinia, Italy
2001- Visiting Professor, University of Bremen, Germany
1996- Visiting Professor, University of Tampere, Finland
1990- Visiting Exchange Professor, University of Surrey, England
1988- Visiting Professor, Shanghai University; Peking University
1984- Visiting Exchange Professor, University of Surrey, England.
1974-2001- Professor, University of Maryland
1970-1974- Associate Professor, University of Kansas
1968-1970- Assistant Professor, Tulane University

*This is a short form listing only major and/or recent work and activities more complete enumeration is available on request.

Academic Honors and Awards

2013- Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, University of Munich
2012-2013-Robin M. Williams Lecturer, Eastern Sociological Society
2011-Honorary Fellow, Bauman Institute, University of Leeds
2010- Honorary Fellow, EuroMed
2008- Lady Davis Fellowship, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2006- Honorary Patron, University Philosophical Society, Trinity College,
Dublin, Ireland
2005 – Honorary Member, Board of Management, Thesis Eleven Center,
Latrobe University, Australia
2004 – Who’s Who in Social Sciences Higher Education
2004 – Honorary Doctorate (honoris causa), LaTrobe University, Australia
2001 – Named Distinguished University Professor, University of
2001 – First Fulbright Chair at York University, Canada
2000 – American Sociological Association’s Distinguished Contributions
to Teaching Award
1995 – Who’s Who in American Education
1995 – Who’s Who in the World
1995 – Who’s Who in the East
1993 – Burgerzaal Lecture, at the invitation of the Mayor of Rotterdam
1992 – UNESCO Chair in Social Theory, Russian Academy of Sciences
1989-1990 – University of Maryland, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Scholarship Incentive Award
1989 – Fellow-in-Residence, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in
the Social Sciences
1988 – 1989 – University of Maryland, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Scholarship Incentive Award
1980 – 1981 – Fellow-in-Residence, Netherlands Institute for Advanced
1975 – Fulbright-Hays Fellowship to the Netherlands

Teaching Honors and Awards

1995 – Panhellenic Association Outstanding Teacher Award
1985-1986 – University of Maryland, Behavioral and Social Sciences Teaching
Excellence Award
1984-1985 – Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, University of Maryland


2011-Chair of Section on History of Sociology, ASA
2010- Chair of Section on Global and Transnational Sociology, ASA
2000 – American Sociological Association Distinguished Scholarly Publication
Award Committee
1994 – Elected to Publications Committee, Southern Sociological Society
1990 – 1991 Elected to Committee on Nominations, ASA
1990 – 1991 Committee on Membership, Southern Sociological Society
1989 – 1990 Chair of Section on Theoretical Sociology, ASA
1984 – 1985 Chair, Nominations Committee, Organizations and Occupations
Section, ASA
1984-1985 Member, Theory Prize Committee, Theory Section, ASA
1983-1984 Nominating Committee, Theory Section, ASA
1983-1984 Nominating Committee, Organizations and Occupations Section,
1980-1981 Chair of Section on Organizations and Occupations, ASA

Major Published Interviews

Stephen P. Dandaneau and Robin M. Dodsworth. “A Consuming Passion: An Interview with George Ritzer.” Consumption Markets Culture 11, 3, September 2008: 191-201.

Stephen P. Dandaneau and Robin M. Dodsworth. “Being (George Ritzer) and Nothingness: An Interview.” American Sociologist Winter, 2006: 84-96.

Teaching Experience

History of Theory, Contemporary Theory, Postmodern Social Theory, Metatheory, Globalization, Globalization Theory, Spaces and Places, Theories of Consumption, Sociology of Consumption, Economic Sociology, Occupational Sociology, Sociology of Science, Parsonsian Theory, Weberian Theory, Durkheimian Theory, Marxian Theory, Industrial Sociology, Race Relations, Formal Organizations, Introductory Sociology, Political Sociology



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Major Papers Read Since 1975

The Emerging Power Approach to the Study of the Professions, presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, September, 1975.

Work-Linked Democracy in Sweden: Policy Implications for America, presented at the meetings of the American Political Science Association, 1976.

Paradigmatic Conflict in Sociology: Still Another Fruitless Debate, presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, 1976.

Max Weber, Critical Theory, and the Administered World, (with Harvey Greisman) presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, September, 1978.

The Paradigmatic Status of the Sociology of the Professions, presented at the meetings of the International Sociological Association Uppsala, Sweden, 1978.

An Integrated Sociological Paradigm, presented at the meetings of the International Sociological Association, Uppsala, Sweden, 1978.

The Politics of Inter-Paradigmatic Conflict in Sociology presented at a conference in honor of Paul Lazarsfeld, The Political Realization of Social Science Knowledge and Research, Vienna, Austria, June, 1980.

Rationality: A Sociological Perspective presented at the meetings of the International Sociological Association, Mexico City, 1982.

The Rise of Micro-Sociological Theory presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, September, 1984.

The Sociology of the Professions: Dead or Alive? (with Keith Macdonald) presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, August, 1987.

Sociological Metatheory presented at the meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society, March, 1988.

The New Socioeconomic Paradigm: A Metatheoretical Analysis presented at the Conference on Socioeconomics, Harvard University, March 31, 1989.

Micro-Macro Integration; Threats to an Emerging Consensus presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, August, 1989.

Metatheory as a Source of Theory: Prevalence, Uses, Excesses presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, August, 1989.

Agency-Structure and Micro-Macro Linkages: Crossroads in Contemporary Theorizing. Presented at International Conference on Social Theory and Human Agency, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, September, 1989.

Methodological Individualism-Holism, Agency-Structure and Micro-Macro Linkages (with Pamela Gindoff) presented at the meetings of the International Sociological Association, Madrid, Spain, July, 1990.

Rationalization and Beyond: The Living Theoretical Legacy of Max Weber. (with Terri LeMoyne) presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, Washington, D.C., August, 1990.

The Epistemology of Metatheorizing in Sociology. (with Michael Richards) presented at the meetings of the International Institute of Sociology, Paris, France, June, 1993.

Georg Simmel and the Contemporary Economy: Toward a Philosophy of the Credit Card. presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, Miami Beach, Florida, 1993.

McDonaldization of Birth and Death. Keynote Address at 60th Anniversary Meetings of the D.C. Sociological Society, 1994.

The Social World of the Text: An Exploration into the Postmodern Problem of Knowledge in Sociological Metatheorizing. (with Michael Richards) presented at the meetings of the International Sociological Association, Bielefeld, Germany, July, 1994.

The McDonaldization of Society. presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, Los Angeles, August, 1994

The New Means of Consumption. presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, New York, 1996.

From Exclusion to Inclusion to Chaos (?) In Sociological Theory (with Doug Goodman) presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, San Francisco, 1998

Revolutionizing the Means of Consumption: Enchanting the Disenchanted, presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, San Francisco, 1998

The Relevance of Thorstein Veblen to the Contemporary Sociology of Consumption (co-authored with Jim Murphy and Wendy Wiedenhoft). presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, Chicago, 1999.

The Postmodern Ballpark as a Leisure Setting: Enchantment and Simulated De-McDonaldization in the Baseball Theme Park (co-authored by Todd Stillman. Paper presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association in Washington, D.C., August, 2000.

Globalization Theory: Lessons from the Exportation of McDonaldization and the New Means of Consumption. presented at conference Global America, Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, Germany, 2000.

The Role of Credit Card Expenditures and Debt in the Increase in Consumption (with Todd Stillman and Seth Ovadia). presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association in Anaheim, California, August 2001.

Islands of the Living Dead: The Social Geography of McDonaldization presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association in Chicago, Illinois, August 2002

“The Role of the Exportation of America’s “Logistical Technologies”
in the Decline of National Difference” presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, Montreal, Canada, August, 2006.

Major Professional Activities Since 1975

Chairperson, Session on Occupations, meetings of the American Sociological Association, 1976.

Chairperson, Plenary Session, meetings of the Midwest Sociological 1977.

Chairperson, Roundtable discussion on Paradigmatic Status of Sociology, meetings of the American Sociological Association, 1977.

Discussant, Session on Metasociology, meetings of the American Sociological Association, 1977.

Discussant, Invited Panel, Varieties of Symbolic Interaction, meetings of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, 1979.

Discussant, European Symposium on Concept Formation and Measurement, Rome, Italy. September, 1984.

Chair, Theory Roundtables, Meetings of the American Sociological Association, September, 1986.

Organizer, Conference on Sociological Theory: Current Status, Near-Term Prospects, University of Maryland, March, 1988.

Chair, Plenary Session on Metatheory, meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA, March, 1988.

Chair, Session on Macro-Micro Theory, meetings of the American Sociological Association, Atlanta, Georgia, August, 1988.

Invited Participant, Conference on Conceptions of Human Action, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, May, 1989.

Chair, mini-conference on Metatheory, Theory Section, meetings of American Sociological Association, Washington, D.C., 1990.

Co-Organizer, German-American Theory Conference on Agency-Structure, College Park, Maryland, August, 1990.

Chair, Plenary Session on Metatheorizing in Sociology, meetings of Pacific Sociological Association, Irvine, California, 1991.

Chair, Plenary Session on Interdisciplinary Influences in Sociological Theory, meetings of Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA, 1992.

Chair, Metatheorizing in Sociology, meetings of the International Sociological Association, Bielefeld, Germany, 1994.

Invited Discussant, Publishing Social Theory, meetings of the ASA Section on Theoretical Sociology, San Diego, CA, August, 1994.

Invited discussant, Plenary Session, meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, March, 1995

Invited Plenary Address, International Labour Process Conference, Blackpool, England, April, 1995.

Invited Plenary Address, International Institute of Sociology, Trieste, Italy, July, 1995

Chair, Two Sessions on the McDonaldization of Society, International Institute of Sociology, Trieste, Italy, July, 1995

Meet the Author Expressing America, Pacific Sociological Association, Seattle, March, 1996

Invited Plenary Participant on the Legacy of C. Wright Mills, Pacific Sociological Association, Seattle, March, 1996

Invited Plenary Address, Conference on the Dilemmas of Mass Higher Education, Stoke-on-Trent, England, April, 1996

Invited Plenary Address, Popular Studies Conference, Tampere, Finland, July, 1996

Invited Featured Speaker, Media-Werkgroep Congres, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, February, 1997

Invited Plenary Speaker, International Conference: Management at a Crossroads, Groningen, The Netherlands, September, 1997

Invited Speaker, Studium Generale, Groningen University, The Netherlands, September, 1997

Invited Closing Address, The Roads of Democracy Towards the Year 2000, Universidad Autonomoa Metropolitana, Mexico City, November, 1997

Invited Participant, Debate Over Postmodernism, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February, 1998.

Invited Speaker, Studium Generale, Erasmus University, The Netherlands, February, 1998.

Invited Plenary Speaker, Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, Georgia, April, 1998

Chair, Special Session: Commodification of Culture, American Sociological Association Meetings, San Francisco, August, 1998

Invited Closing Address, International Exchange Conference, Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho, October, 1998

Invited Keynote Address, Meeting of Sociologists of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, October,1998.

Chair, Featured Session: The McDonaldization of Society, Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, March 1999.

Will Judy Lectureship, Juniata College, April, 1999.

Invited Keynote Address, Conference on Sociality/Materiality: The Status of the Object in Social Sciences Brunel University, London, September, 1999.

Discussant, Session on Postmodern Theory, meetings of the American Sociological Association, Chicago, July, 1999.

Invited Plenary Address, Conference on Obscene Powers, Southampton December, 1999.

Invited Plenary Address, International Academy of Business Disciplines, Las Vegas, Nevada, April, 2000

Griffiths Lecture Series Address, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 2000.

Keynote Address, Conference on Modernization and Social Change Shanghai University, Shanghai, China, May, 2000.

Plenary Address, Russian Sociological Association, St. Petersburg, Russia, September, 2000.

Plenary Address, Meetings of Mid-South Sociological Association, Knoxville TN, October 13, 2000.

Invited Speaker, Conference on Global America? Schloss Elmau, Germany, October, 2000.

Invited Juror, Slow Food Award, Bologna, Italy, October, 2000.

Invited Keynote Speaker, Conference on The McDonaldization of Higher Education Canterbury, Kent, England, July 2001.

Invited Keynote Speaker, International Institute of Sociology Meetings, Krakow, Poland, July, 2001.

Chairperson, Session on Consumption, American Sociological Meetings, CA, August 2001.

Invited Plenary Address, Rural Sociological Society, Albuquerque, New Mexico, August 2001.

Invited Speaker, Inaugural Conference, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, 2001

Invited Plenary Address, Conference on the Media, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, October, 2001

Invited Plenary Address, FUTURACT, Paris, France, January, 2002.

Invited Plenary Address, Globalization 2002, University of Maryland, 2002.

Invited Plenary Address at the Invitation of the Mayor of Duisburg, Duisburger Akzente Conference on Globalization, Duisburg, June, 2002.

Plenary Address, International Sociological Association Meetings, Brisbane, Australia, June 2002.

Chair, Special Session, McDonald’s and McDonaldization: Chicago, America, the World, American Sociological Association, Chicago, Illinois, August

Clark Lecture (invited), The Globalization of Nothing and September 11, 2001 University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, September, 2002.

Keynote Address (invited), Big Mac Swallowed them Whole? Teaching Americanisation in the Humanities, The Americanisation and Teaching of American Studies Project (AMATAS), University of Central Lancashire, January, 2003 Preston, England.

Keynote Address (invited), Sport and Consumer Culture. University of Maryland, February 21, 2003.

Invited Address, The Commodification of Everything. Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, February 27, 2003

Invited Address, Globalization Speaker Series, Rochester Institute of Technology, April 2, 2003

The Richardson Lecture (invited), Georgetown University, April 7, 2003.

Keynote Address (invited), Meetings of British Sociological Association, April 2003, York, England

Invited Address, Virginia Commonwealth University, April, 2003

Keynote Address, International Conference on Brands and Consumption, Iulm University, Milan, Italy, November, 2003

Derek Gordon Keynote Address, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, January 2004.

Author-Meetings-the-Critics Session, The Globalization of Nothing, Eastern Sociological Society Meetings, New York, February, 2004

Author-Meetings-the-Critics Session, The Globalization of Nothing, Pacific Sociological Association Meetings, San Francisco, April, 2004

Keynote Address, 25th Anniversary Conference of the Council for Hospitality Management Education, University of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, April, 2004

Keynote Address, International Brands Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, May, 2004

Invited Address, Duisburger Akzente 2004, Endstation Amerika? Duisburg, Germany, May, 2004.

Invited Address, Is the Church McDonaldized? Nothing? Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, July 20, 2004.

Invited Address, The Consumer and Food Consumption in Post-modern Times, Italy, October, 2004

Invited Address, International Congress Consumo: Consumption in Global Society, Bologna, Italy, October, 2004.

Opening Keynote Address, The Aesthetic Object: Globalization, Commodification, and the Limits of Consumer Culture. Cleveland Institute of Art, November 5, 2004.

Invited Address. Conference on Credit Cards, Washington University, St. Louis, December, 2004.

Headline Speaker, What is to be Done with Management Ethics? Australian Academy of the Social Sciences, Sydney, Australia, December, 2004.

Keynote Address, Conference on Consumption, University of California, Berkeley, March, 2005.

Invited Lectures, Department of Sociology, University of Durham, Durham, England, May 11-12, 2005.

Keynote Address, Conference on Globalization and Americanization: Hard and Soft Power, American International University, London, June 3, 2005.

Invited Speaker, TARA Workshop (on consumption), Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2005.

Invited Speaker, University Philosophical Society, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, October, 2005.

Invited Speaker, Department of Sociology, Trinity College, Dublin, October, 2005.

Keynote Address, Standing Conference on Management and Organizational Inquiry, Washington, DC, April, 2006.

Organizer and Keynote Speaker, Session on Social Theory, DC Sociological Society, April, 2006.

Invited Opening Speaker, Conference on “Culture in Context: Pragmatics, Industries, Technologies, Geopolitics” Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, September 16-17, 2006.

Invited Speaker, Department of Sociology, Tunghai University, Taiwan, September, 2006.

Invited Speaker, Department of Sociology, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan, September, 2006.

Invited Speaker, Department of Sociology, University of Florida, Gainesville, December 2006

Invited Speaker, 85th Anniversary of Department of Sociology, University of Florida, Gainesville, January 26, 2007

Inaugural Speaker, Fabryka Trzciny, The University of Free Time, Warsaw, Poland, February, 2007

Invited Speaker, University of Amsterdam, February, 2007

Invited Speaker, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, March 2007

Invited Speaker, “Sociology of Consumption” Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo, Valencia, April, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “Intelligent Coast” Barcelona, Spain, April 2007

Keynote Address. Critical Management Studies Conference, Manchester, England, July, 2007

Keynote Address. Conference on Tourism. Barcelona, Spain, July 2007.

Featured Panelist, “The Present and Future of Consumer Studies” Consumer Studies Miniconference, New York, August 2007.

Featured Speaker, Sociology in the Twenty-First Century, Rythymno, Creete, May, 2008.

Keynote, After McDonaldization: Visions of Higher Education. Oxford Brookes University, June 13, 2008.

Chair, Invited Session on Production and Consumption; Workers and Consumers: Rethinking Their Relationships, ASA Meetings, Boston, MA, August, 2008.

Plenary Address, “The McDonaldization Thesis Revisited- A Frame for Understanding Contemporary Trends in Public Service. FORSA Nordisk Symposium, 2008, Aarhus, Denmark, August 21, 2008.

Keynote Address, Conference on Prosumption, Frankfurt, Germany, March, 2009.

Plenary Speaker, ASSESSING THE CONTRIBUTION OF ICT TO DEVELOPMENT GOALS, Dubai School of Government, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26 May to 28 May 2009

Main Speaker, SECOND GLOBAL STUDIES CONFERENCE, Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 May to 1 June 2009

Invited Public Lecture, Dubai School of Government, May 27, 2009.

Critic, Author Meets the Critics, Andrew Szasz, Shopping Our Way to Safety
(University of Minnesota Press, 2007), Meetings of the American Sociological Association, August 8-12, 2009, San Francisco, California.

Main Speaker, “Consuming America: What Have We Done to Ourselves?”, Fordham Center on Religion and Culture, 2009, Manhattan, 15 September.

Plenary Speaker. La Citta Senza Nome: Segni e senali nel paesaggio contemporaneo; The nameless city: Signs and Signals in the Contemporary Landscape. Bari, Italy, 22-23 October, 2009.

Keynote Speaker. EuroMed Academy of Business Conference. University of Salerno, Salerno, Italy, October 26-8, 2009.

Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, “Consuming America: What Have We Done to Ourselves; What Did They Do to Us?” University of South Florida, April, 2010

Keynote Address, “Romanticizing the Consumer and the Local: Is McDonald’s (or Starbucks) Really that Powerless in the Global Age?” Conference on”State of Buying.” Temple University, April, 2010.

Plenary Speaker, “Consuming America: What Have We Done to Ourselves; What Did They Do to Us?” Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, April, 2010.

Main Speaker at the 2010 D. C. Sociological Society Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony, May, 2010.

Lecture, “Modern Capitalism and Rationalization Processes: Consequences for Work Life.” Conference on Understanding Modern Organizational and Work Life More Deeply, The Confederation of Trade Unions, Oslo, Norway, June, 2010.

Lecture, Magistralis, University of Bologna, Italy, June 2010.

Public Lecture, University of Urbino, Italy, June 2010.

Public Lecture, Novo Cescot, Rimini, Italy, June 2010.

Main Speaker, Conference on the Retirement of Colin Campbell, York University, England, July, 4-5, 2010.

Plenary Speaker, Conference on “Consumption and Cultural Change”. York University, England, July, 6, 2010.

Plenary Speaker, “Consumption beyond the Crisis”. International Sociological Association Meetings, Goteborg, Sweden, July, 2010.

Keynote Speaker, “The McDonaldization of Leisure”. 11th World Leisure Congress 2010, ChunCheon, Korea, September, 2010.

Keynote Speaker, Rationalization, Consumption and Globalization: Bauman and Beyond”. Conference on the Opening of the Bauman Center, Leeds, England, September, 2010.

Featured Speaker, Conference on Consumption, Barcelona, Spain, April, 2011.

Featured Speaker, Conference on the Work of Jacques Ellul, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2011.

Featured Speaker, Conference on Consumption, Las Vegas, Nevada, August, 2011.

University of Brighton Annual Social Science Lecture, May, 2012

Master Class, University of Brighton, May, 2012

Invited Anniversary Lecture, University of Salzburg, June, 2012.

Public Lecture, Bowdoin College, April 12, 2013

Invited Speaker, “Collaborative Social Media”, Bowdoin College, April 13, 2013

Invited Speaker, Futura Festival, Civitanova Marche, Italy, July 31, 2014

Keynote Speaker, Hospitality Conference, Stenden University, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, November 27, 2014

Guest Speaker, University of Bologna, Italy, December 1, 2014.

Keynote Address, Conference on Prosumption, Donghua University, Shanghai, China, October, 28, 2016.

Keynote Address, “Summit Conference,” Shanghai, China, October, 29, 2016.

Guest Speaker, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China, October, 2016.

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Guest Lectures Since 1980

Johns Hopkins, United States Military Academy (West Point), University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University-Rotterdam, University of Duisburg-West Germany, University of Zurich, University of Berne, University of Lausanne, James Madison University, East Carolina University, University of Florida, Rollins College, William and Mary, Gettysburg College, Iowa State University (AKD annual lecture), New College, Ramapo College (Keynote Address, Curriculum Enhancement Conference in Sociology), American Chemical Society, George Mason University (Economics department), Vassar College, Marquette University, Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Georgetown University (twice), Roanoke College (twice), University of Amsterdam, Nijenrode University (Netherlands), University of Colorado, Colorado State University, University of Utah, Arizona State University, Florida International University, University of Surrey, University of Warwick, Staffordshire University, University of Aston, University of New Mexico, University of Tampere (Finland), University of Nevada  Las Vegas, St. Mary’s College, Groningen University (Netherlands), University of Tasmania (Hobart, AU), Deakin University (AU), University of Sydney (AU), Victoria University (Wellington, NZ), University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ), Auckland University (NZ), University of Essex (England), University of Alabama-Huntsville, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Holy Cross University, NOPUS (Goteborg, Sweden), University of Alborg (Denmark), Drexel University, University of Tennessee, Institute of Economics (Moscow), Institute of International Studies (Moscow), Odense University (Denmark), AILUN (Sardinia), Latrobe University, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Sydney Institute of Technology (Australia), St. Louis University, Penn State-Abington, University of Gastronomic Science (Italy), University of Florida (twice), Lehmann College, Hebrew University.

Editorships Since 1975

1975 – 1980 Consulting Editor for Series on Controversies in Sociology, Allyn and Bacon, Inc.
1975 – 1985 Advisory Editor, Sociological Quarterly.

1977 – 1980 Associate Editor, Contemporary Sociology.

1981 – 1993 Associate Editor, Work and Occupations.

1990 -1993 Consulting Editor for Lexington Books, Series on Social Issues; Books Published:

George Ritzer, Metatheorizing in Sociology
Thomas Scheff and Suzanne Retzinger, Emotions and Violence
Robert Bursik and Harold Grasmick, Neighborhoods and Crime
Barbara Logue, Last Rights

Sam Marullo, Halting the Arms Race
Ray Paternoster, Capital Punishment in America
Stephen Petrow, Dancing Against the Darkness
Deena Weinstein, Heavy Metal: A Cultural Sociology
Morris Rosenberg, The Unread Mind

1992 – 2000 Editor, PRIMIS, McGraw-Hill. A sociology database of
approximately 75 original chapters and essays.

1993 – Consulting Editor for St. Martin’s Press/Worth, Series on Contemporary Social Issues:

Mark Abrahamson, Urban Enclaves: Identity and Place in America
William Staples, The Culture of Surveillance: Discipline and
Social Control in the United States
Charles Derber, The Wilding of America: How Greed and
Violence are Eroding our Nations Character
Erich Goode, Between Politics and Reason: The Drug Legalization
John Hewitt, The Myth of Self-Esteem
Robert Bulman, Hollywood Goes to High School
Kathryn Farr, Sex Trafficking
Gili Drori, E-litism
Kevin Leicht and Scott Fitzgerald, Postindustrial Peasants

1993 – Consulting Editor, McGraw-Hill:

James Farganis, Readings in Social Theory, 3rd ed.
Mary Rogers, Multicultural Social Theory
Patricia Lengermann and Jill Brantley, Classical Feminist Theory.
Mary Rogers, Contemporary Feminist Theory.

1995 – 1998 Associate Editor, Social Forces

1995 – Consulting Editor for Sage of England, Series on Cultural Icons

Will Wright, The Wild West
Stephen Fjellman, Disney
Robert Goldman and Stephen Papson, Nike
Mary Rogers, Barbie

2000 – 2003 Associate Editor, Sociological Theory

2000 – 2004 Co-Founding Editor, Journal of Consumer Culture

2002 – Associate Editor, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

2004 – 2008 Editor, Journal of Consumer Culture

2006- Editor, Encyclopedia of Sociology; 2nd edition to be published in 2017

2008- Editor, Encyclopedia of Globalization

2009- Consulting Editor, Encyclopedia Series, Wiley-Blackwell

2008- Member, Editorial Board, Sociological Analysis

2011- Editorial Board, MediaCultura (media-culture), FrancoAngeli (Milan)

Mass Media
The results of interviews on McDonaldidzation, Expressing America and Enchanting a Disenchanted World have appeared in a number of newspapers including the Guardian (England), Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Austrian Courier, Knoxville News-Sentinel, Chicago Star, Chicago Tribune, New York Post, Times Higher Education (London), Aamulehti (Finland), Telegraaf (Netherlands), La Republicca (Italy); on CNN television in the United States, the German television network, ARD, the Dutch television network IKON, the Breakfast Show of the Dutch television network KRO, Finnish Television One, and on radio on the BBC (6 times including a half hour interview on Thinking Allowed in April, 2003), various German radio networks, National Public Radio (4 times, including twice on Marketplace and on Connections), Christian Science Monitor Radio, WSYR (Syracuse), and the Jerry Brown show on Pacifica radio. The New York Times (July 28, 1996), published an essay, America’s Quiet Rebellion Against McDonaldization. Essays authored by me include McDonald’s Schrijt de Wereld Zijn Recept Voor, in the Netherlands second leading national magazine, Vrij Nederland, February 14, 1998, pp. 18-19; Can Slow Slow Fast Food and the Fast Life? appeared in the Italian magazine Slow; Let’s Make it Magical: Disenchanted Universities Could Find Inspiration on the Las Vegas Strip Times Higher Education Supplement (London) July 6, 2001, p. 20; Korean Television did a special on McDonaldization; Newsday-Currents published an op-ed piece authored by me, More Than Just Burgers, March 2, 2003: A30, Newsday published an op-ed piece, McDonald’s Cooks Up a Fresh serving of PR (March 17, 2004), and many others.

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